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Buy French Wines

Buy French Wines

Discover Hausler Wines, the new French Wines Importer in Australia, they specialise in Bordeaux wines: Red, White & Rose. Additionally, they sell few Cognac, ideal to celebrate special events.

Our goal is to be able to offer you a French wine adventure, and to share the passion, history, innovation, winemaking techniques and terroir of our partner wine producers. See our next article about dr coffee f11.

About The French Wine Centre

The French Wine Centre imports some of the finest wines of France directly to you, the consumer and the finest restaurants and bars in Australia.

We are continuing the work of Mr Ross Duke. Mr Duke had been bringing Domaine Direct wines to consumers for over 45 years, he and just a couple of others pioneered Fine French wine in Australia.

Top 3 French Wines:

  1. Bordeaux Haut Grelot Tradition/ Premiere Cuvee White 2017
  2. Bordeaux Chateau Haut-Grelot – P’tite Folie Chardonnay 2016
  3. Bordeaux Chateau La Haye – Rouge 2014

See the best wines online and history of Bordeaux wines.