Cost of Making And Selling Crepes in a Crepe Shop

As India is renowned for its food spiciness, Australia is acknowledged as the best crepe producer in the world. With every passing day, this mania of making, selling and having crepes have gone to some other level. On an average, almost every second Australian consumes crepe as his onetime meal throughout the day and that too on regular basis.

What has made crepe the first choice of every Australian?

Just like cheesy pizzas, steaming fries or lip-smacking burgers, creamy crepes are stealing the attention of every foodie in Australian street. Even, every year, a high number of wanderers visit Australia just for the sake of tasting these delectable crepes while sitting somewhere on the silent and scenic beaches of this astonishing country. If you are already in love with it and wish to taste its best version ever then French Kiss Creperie Store is the best place to hop on.

When invented, crepes were more like a sweet pancake which were eaten either with drizzled caster sugar or honey. And now after a lot of taste improvisations, it is served in different forms including- spinach and basil crepe, chicken crepe, sweet cream cheese crepe, mushroom crepe, steak crepe, cinnamon, chocolate, peaches and cream, orange ricotta, cheesecake, peanut butter crepes and the list is endless.

What’s the exact cost of a crepe?

Being one of the highly recommended eatables, crepes are easily available in $6 in any Australian food street. And as far as the restaurants or plush hotels are concerned, the prices may vary or jump high due to the dining standards.

Selling a crepe- A new bandwagon in Australia

Amidst the entire world, Australia celebrates having and selling crepes. The only difference between eating and selling it is about the efforts and cost. However, to have it, you may need not to burn a hole in your pocket. Here is all that you need to know about to sell crepes or to open a crepe shop in Australia is.

  1. Crepe machine – initially, crepes used to be prepared for the pancakes but now things have changed to a great extent. A complete range of crepe makers is available in the market starting from $1,200. And in case, of restaurant or hotels, commercial crepe machines can serve you in the best possible manner.
  1. Infrastructure – To set up a basic yet impressive surrounding, you may need to spare at least $3000-$4000. It’ll include the interiors, furniture, dishes and the other kitchen equipment required to run the operations.
  1. Accompanying desserts and drinks – It’s not justice if you serve crepes all alone. To make it taste well, you can try serving some soothing drinks or beverages like- cold drinks or cold coffee, for which adding $400-$700 to the cost will be required.

The concluding words-

Not just eating but making and selling crepes can be an interesting affair but only when you are passionate about food. The overall cost for selling crepes may vary according to the region or eatable choice preference. Crepe is one of the highest profitable food along coffee beans supplier and office coffee machine business.