Brochure For a Muslim

How To Design a Brochure For a Muslim Non-Profit Organisation And Ask Donation

Muslims are a peace-loving community that fosters the objective of universal brotherhood. They are taught by religion to be humble & generous to the world and infused with inner-driven persuading of charitable works. Today, there are thousands of charities worldwide, operating for the social upliftment of the society.

In the recent years, with the dawn of the Internet and the uprising of the social media management platforms, setting up a non-profits organisation has become more comfortable than ever. In today’s digital epoch, as charity cooperation, you have the uncanny freedom to receive funds online from religious people in every nook and corner of the world. Moreover, nowadays, charities don’t require much workforce for operation, all you need is to formulate a true-hearted and touching social campaign. And, then you will able to spread happiness in the life of needy people. Now, coming to the central point, every successful charity campaign begins with brochures-be it the digital copies or in the form of pamphlets. But, you don’t have to worry, as here in this post, we’ve rounded up the top tips when designing a Muslims non-profit organisations brochure. So, scroll down and have a look-

4 Design Tips You Must Know

1. Know Your Objective

Before you commence with the designing of the brochures, it is first and foremost that you should be very clear about your motive for printing pamphlets. Are you designing brochures for a specific festival event like Qurban or regular donation campaign for your charity? This is important because you will be communicating something social through the print papers, you got to be with very specific, to strike a chord with the heart of your prospective donators. So, obtain as much information and inspiration from the Internet.

2. Know Your Target Donation

Since your brochures aren’t sales documents-, you are asking for money in exchange for nothing-, it is sustainable that your brochure design should resonate with the real feelings and emotions of your targeted donators.

3. Be Creative, Be Unique

Don’t copy some other organisation’s design, be creative and unique to get your message clear to your audience. Aim for a design that is fresh, and leveraging people in your region of charity operation to pay you a good donation.

4. Come Straight To The Point

If you are running a charity, not a business, you don’t require to draw the attention of the people with catchy lines, keep it simple. Tell, what your organisation is all about, how it operates, and what it will do with their contributions. If your brochure succeeds in ticking the highlights mentioned above, your charity is bound to raise significant funds.

Final Words Of Advice

Well, all the above tips are worth implementing, but before that you are required to seek a professional graphic designer, having hands-on expertise in creating great visual contents for not for profit organisations. For this, you can turn to professional service websites, where you can hire an expert on hourly or a long-term contract basis.