Importance of your kitchen design in an open space pizza shop

If you are opening a new pizza shop with a visible kitchen to the public, then you will need to look into the design of your kitchen from the stainless steel benches to your commercial pizza oven.

At Bogo Logoz, we continually work with our partners and signage suppliers to source the best indoor and outdoor materials to improve the design of your pizza shop and look more professional.

We helped many of the big brands to improve their customer retail experience.

About our most recent project:

Napizza is a brand new pizza restaurant specializing in pizza al taglio. They are located in San Diego. Miller Creative was tasked with naming, tagline, creating a restaurant brand identity, environmental branding, menu design for wall and tables, pizza boxes and website.

The website was built on a WordPress-based CMS (content management system), allowing the client to add images and content as needed. The customized back-end also enables Napizza to update their menu on the fly.  If you are operating in a related industry but with more products to sell online, you can always refer to a Magento developer Sydney.

Customers often make initial enquiries on ovens based on feedback from someone else who has a pizza store or on price. While price and budget constraints are always a factor, production rates, footprints, belt and tray sizes absolutely have to be considered as well. The oven that suits someone else’s circumstances is not always the oven that will suit yours.

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