Restaurant Branding

restaurant branding

So let's start at the beginning, branding is a marketing term and is often used to advertise your business. First of all take a look at your favorite restaurants. Do they have graphic, name, or symbol they use for their company that you recognize? Is their a slogan, jingle, restaurant design or song that let's you know immediately who it is? When you think of a certain food are they the first and only restaurant that you think of going to? If you could think of at least two or three restaurants then there a good chance that these restaurants are doing a good job of branding.

To brand your restaurant you need to think of it more as a company. A business venture that you are investing in to make a profit and provide a service to other people. Most likely your service is food. Food should be the first thing you'll capitalize. Go through this checklist to help you brainstorm ways to market your business. 

1. What is your restaurant's name? Is it unique? Is it memorable?
2. What is unique about it?
3. Is there a special dish that you are famous for?
4. Is there a famous chef working for you?
5. Do offer outstanding customer service?
6. Is there a theme or mood/feeling associated at your restaurant?
7. Are you in a unique location? Easy to find? Hard to find?
8. Is there a store or another company associated with you?
9. Is there an interesting sign for your restaurant? A symbol? An animal? A cartoon character? Colors? Spokesperson? Sponsor? Celebrity?
10. Has your business changed, or will it change in the future? Has it remained unchanged for years?
11. Is there a slogan/line/word associated with your company?

These are good questions to help you get started. Most likely you were able to answer "yes" to one or more of the above. If so, you can probably think of something you'll want to use as your foundation and then grow you're idea from there.

The whole idea behind restaurant branding is so that customers in your local area, or perhaps across the country see or hear something and they automatically think you first. Don't you want to be there first choice always when going out for steak, enchiladas, sandwiches or pizza? Whatever your market, when doing your next advertising campaign, think about branding so that you can always be number one. You can always used your display or equipment to display some promotion such as a $2 Off your latest flavor on your ice cream display freezer.

Benefits Of Restaurant Food Pictures

Appetizing pictures will tell your story far more effectively, than a waiter describing the dish. With technically advanced photography combined with the limitless possibilities of the Internet you have the option of presenting your food virtually to prospective customers and food lovers.

If anyone wants to invite guest for a meal, they can show the enticing fare that is on offer, which is hard to resist. Photography has advanced in techniques to brilliant standards. Restaurant food pictures can be taken to look almost real and to stimulate appetite and produce actual hunger pangs. You will have people queuing up to eat your food lured by the delicious and realistic pictures of various dishes on the website. The food photo search engine is proving to be a popular way of discovering new restaurants to eat.